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Spreading Crystal Fever

Upon our discovery of the crystal quartz that scatter our property, we began to share our stories with the world. Now just after 2 years we have over 175,000 followers participating and tagging along on our adventures. 

We want to grow our community and bring this one of a kind experience to all who seek it.

Live From The Mine

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Watch us LIVE as we discover unbelievable crystals, explore the forest, and make dreams come true.

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Amanda Johnson, PA

Visiting MVMM was an experience like no other! The staff was knowledgeable and passionate, and they made the whole experience so much more enjoyable. Bringing my all my rockhounds!

Jose Marius, NY

As someone who is not very experienced with outdoor activities, I was hesitant about visiting MVMM. However, I am so glad I took the chance! The team was so accommodating and made the experience incredibly fun.

Robert Franck, CT

MVMM was the highlight of our summer vacation! The experience of searching for crystals was unlike anything I have ever done before. I will definitely be recommending MVMM to my friends and family!
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