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Ground Zero

Truly a Zone for All

A zone designed to be accessible and affordable to all.

Premium, unsearched material is pulled straight from one of our most productive zones and unloaded every week at Ground Zero. Explore the dolostone in search of pockets filled with water clear gems, large crystals in the dirt, or druse that makes your heart melt. 

$25 per Adult

$10 per Child 11 or Younger


Reservations are not required. Memberships are not required.


Operating hours are:

7 days a week 9AM - Close. 


Ignite Passion

Spark your little one's adventurous spirit and dive into the world of crystal collecting.

Keen to learn, they use and develop their observational and tactile skills to become successful miners.

Once found, these crystals stir up quite the questions! From geology to chemistry, the nature of crystals can open a doorway to learning.

happy child herkimer diamond mining trip weekend
ground zero at mohawk valley mineral mining

Prioritizing Accessibility

We are designing and developing this area to be organized and easily navigable. Be comfortable with flat terrain and direct access to your vehicle.

Anything But

Its never fun working with material that's already been searched. Be the first one to lay eyes on fresh material dropped weekly.

world class herkimer diamond water clear crystal large
fun kids trip in upstate new york herkimer diamond mining

The Next Step

Now that you’ve got a fire lit, what’s next?

We offer more in-depth experiences in the forest, where the challenge is worth the reward. Unlock even more excitement and fun, check out our 

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