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Book Your Dig
Go to the "Book a Dig" tab and browse through our many options. Create an account to access booking privilege and view availability.
Finders Keepers
It's simple, everything you find during your time here at Mohawk Valley Mineral Mining is yours to keep.
Memberships and Hardhats
We require all participants of our experiences, except Ground Zero, to be a member to be members of Mohawk Valley Mineral Mining. The membership costs $25 per year and goes to supporting the MVMM Facilities for our visitors. You will receive your a hardhat as part of your membership. We require all diggers to wear our certified MVMM hardhat at all times. You can not bring your own hardhat.
Arrival time is 9:00AM EST. Upon arrival, approach the check-in desk to get set up. Once checked-in, grab your tools and hardhat and wait in the designated pick up area.
Cancellation Policy
All deposits are non-refundable. May be used as credit toward future digs. Digs paid in full are non-refundable. May be used as credit toward future digs. All services provided are non-refundable.
Tool Use
Power tools and motorized tools are NOT allowed at MVMM. Visitors are encouraged to wear safety glasses and durable gloves, and to avoid excessive or unnecessary striking of rocks or trees.
Carry In Carry Out
MVMM asks that patrons bring only what they will take out, including tools, gear, clothing, garbage, etc. MVMM is not responsible for any items left behind.
There are several primitive outhouses located throughout the mine.
We recommend all diggers wear boots and clothing they don't mind getting dirty. We do dig in most conditions, so check the weather prior to your scheduled dig to be sure of what to wear. Open toed footwear is not permitted.
Upon arrival, you’ll check in at our Rock Shack. One of our staff will drive you down to the mine on our trails. Pending qualifications, you may also drive your own vehicle to the mining area.
Mine Area
Visitors must follow all rules while on the property, including being under supervision or in sight of a guide or employee, wearing a hard hat and closed-toe footwear at all times, respecting the property and its boundaries, and being kind and courteous to all. MVMM reserves the right to enforce these rules and expel any visitor who does not comply.
Patrons are welcome to bring their pets to MVMM, but the pets must be leashed and secured at all times and under the owner's supervision. MVMM is not responsible for any harm to pets while on the property.
*This is not a complete list of MVMM Terms and Conditions. Subject to change at any time.


Be Prepared and Get the Most Out of Your Experience

​​SLEDGEHAMMERS A short handled 3 or 4 lb. sledgehammer is a must for working the rock. Our personal favorite is the 3 and 4 Pound Estwing Sure Strike Crack Hammers. An 8 or 10 lb. sledgehammer is not recommended for beginners and can be added as you build your dig skills. Claw hammers not permitted.

GEOPICK AND PRY BARS Whether in the dirt on on the ledge, there are going to be some tight spots. An Estwing Geopick and Gad Bar Combo will give you the upper hand. Add a 36-inch pry bar and you can tackle most challenges.

A FEW CHISELS AND SCREWDRIVERS When it comes to finer work, chisels and screwdrivers are your best friends. Whether its getting into cracks or poking and prodding the dirt, these tools are vital. We use Finder Chisels and Klein Tools Screwdrivers. 

RAKES, HOES AND SHOVELS The more you move, the more you find. To conquer the dirt you must have a solid shovel and rake. Using both these tools allows you to get through material comfortably and efficiently.

PICKS Absolute necessities for finer work! You will encounter a situation where patience is a must. Take your time and preserve that precious piece you worked so hard for. Make sure to have both metal and non-scratch picks.

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