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Buy Now and Book Later

Best Value

The 5-Pack



Just a Quick Fix of Five Digs Will Do!

Valid until canceled

5 Day Digs

Best Value

The 10 Pack



Get ya' an MVMM Ten Pack - 10 Digs with a Big Discount

Valid until canceled

10 Day Digs

Best Value

The 20 Pack



Sit Down For This One Prospect... A 20 Pack of Day Digs

Valid until canceled

20 Day Digs

Load Up on Digs... While They're Hot

Now is your chance to load up on digs while they are 50% OFF. 

  • Purchase day digs in bulk and have them loaded onto your account.

  • When you decide to come dig, go to Bookings.

  • Choose your dates and number of diggers and select your purchased plan.

  • It will use the plan and deduct the digs from your pack.

  • Now you are all set! Check your subscriptions tab in your profile to keep track of your plan.

  • The Dig Packs can be used however you'd like! Buy a 5 Dig Pack and keep em' to yourself, or buy a 20 Dig Pack spread the joy and bring some pals.