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Spreading Crystal Fever

Upon our discovery of the crystal quartz that scatter our property, we began to share our stories with the world. Now just after 2 years we have over 150,000 followers tagging along on our adventures. 

Special Guests

The Crystal Collector

The Crystal Collector

Bryan Major

The King of Crystal Collecting, Bryan Major is renown for mining all over the United States and discovering breath-taking specimens.

That Camping Couple

That Camping Couple

Frank and Kyndall

This couple doesn't only camp, they unearth some of the most beautiful crystals all across the United States.

Reed Timmer

Reed Timmer

Extreme Meteorologist

Legendary storm chaser and expert meteorologist, he also likes searching for Herkimer Diamonds in his free time.

Much More Than a Mine

Educating and Inspiring

As we improve and develop Mohawk Valley Mineral Mining, we are getting ready to roll out new and exciting Educational and Inspiration classes to those who could otherwise not have the opportunity.

We aim to help expose and educate individuals to the natural world and cultivate a joy for mining. We believe our experiences can be a source of healing and spiritual strength that should be accessible to all. By donating, you are making it possible for us to do this.

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